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Atomic Vantage 95 C Skis
$360.00 $600.00 40% Savings
The new Atomic Vantage 95 C ski is the successor to the best-selling Vantage Theory. Perfectly balanced for hard pack and soft snow, this is a ski to take skiers anywhere, any time. With a 95mm waist width it’s the second widest model in our re-engineered Vantage series – our lightest, strongest progressive All Mountain series ever. It features Carbon Tank Mesh, a new layer of super rigid, woven mesh that adds strength across the ski while actually reducing weight. It’s also the first ski to feature the Firewall, an extra full sidewall for awesome power transmission and edge grip on hard pack. Add in a Light Woodcore and All Mountain Rocker in tip and tail and you’ve got one seriously versatile one-quiver ski.
Salomon  Equipe 7 Skate Cross Country Skis 2016
$133.00 $190.00 30% Savings
The Salomon Equipe 7 Skate cross country ski is wider throughout its shape with a 47mm tail and built around a Densolite 2000 core and G3 base for plenty of stability and control. The Equipe 7 Skate cross country ski will build your confidence in and enjoyment of skate from the first push.
Salomon Equipe 7 Skate Cross Country Skis 2014
$157.50 $225.00 30% Savings
Stable and easy to ski, yet fast enough to stay with you as you improvide. Equipe 7 Skate is a game-improvement performance skate ski. LENGTHS: 161 171 181 186 WEIGHT / LENGTH: 1120 g / 179 cm BASE: Race Universal Grinding, Digital Grinding Measurement (DGM)
Rossignol BC 70  Cross Country Skis 2016
$167.99 $239.99 30% Savings
The BC 70 is a light, metal-edge touring ski designed for off-trail exploring or light on-trail use. The waxless Positrack base provides maximum grip and the best compromise between kick and glide in all snow conditions. Full-length metal edges and a taller camber height provide off and on-trail versatility.
Rossignol Sassy 7 Women's Skis With Xpress 11 Women's Bindings
$350.00 $500.00 30% Savings
For up and coming freeriders to accomplished all mountain skiers looking for a no-nonsense setup that handles variable conditions with ease, look no further than the Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis + Look Xpress W 11 Bindings. Powder Turn Rocker makes the Sassy 7's incredibly maneuverable and easy to handle, while the beefy Duracap construction and solid wood core ensure stability and shock absorption when you speed things up. And with a 90 mm waist, you can rest assured that the Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis + Look Xpress W 11 Bindings will handle just about any type of snow you throw at them. Underfoot Width: 90mm Sidecut: 118-90-108mm Turning Radius: 19.0 meters Included Binding: Xpress 11 Bindings
Atomic Vantage X 74 Women's Skis w/ Lithium 10 Bindings
$279.99 $399.99 30% Savings
The ideal Vantage X W for improving the confidence of newcomers and intermediate skiers. The Atomic Vantage X 74 W is a confidence-boosting all-mountain system ski for female skiers who spend most of the time on piste. It’s part of our lightweight Vantage X range, built for skiers who ski mainly on piste – giving them the stability of a piste ski and the agility of an all-mountain ski in one. To do that it features Vantage’s lighter, stronger construction with Carbon Tank Mesh – a layer of rigid woven mesh that adds strength across the ski while reducing weight. Plus a Light Woodcore and an extra-full Firewall for solid edge grip. It also has our Exo Profile that cuts swing weight and adds rigidity. Groomers, here we come. LITHIUM 10 The Lithium is the lightest and most convenient system binding on the market. It makes life easy for retailers by being super simple to adjust without tools. And skiers will find stepping in completely hassle free. They come in loads of fun colors, too. TECH FEATURES - Exo Profile - Firewall - Densolite Core - Glossy Top Sheet
Atomic Vantage X 74 Women's Skis With E Lithium 10 Bindings
$279.99 $399.99 30% Savings
A lightweight and confidence-boosting ski for beginner and intermediate riders, the Atomic Vantage X 74 W Skis + Lithium 10 Bindings just want to have fun. Constructed with a forgiving Densolite core and Exo Profile for durability and reduced swing weight, plus a rockered tip for versatility, these guys are your ticket to a good time. Get out there and cruise with the Atomic Vantage X 74 W Skis + Lithium 10 Bindings. Underfoot Width: 74mm Sidecut: 117-74-95mm Turning Radius: 11.8 meters Included Binding: Lithium 10 Bindings
Salomon 2014/15 Bamboo + Z10 Ti W B90
Lively, strong all-mountain ski for women. Bamboo is a reliable and playful performance ski, designed to explore the whole mountain with a bit more pop.
Salomon Team Racing Grip Junior Cross Country Ski 2016
$77.00 - $110.00 $110.00 Up To 30% Savings
Salomon's Team Racing Grip is a lightweight kids classic waxless ski that produces very easy kick and consistent glide.
Rossignol  Delta Course Skating NIS Ski
$322.00 $460.00 30% Savings
The Delta Course is a lightweight skate ski that provides an all-around stable glide in all snow conditions, and really shines in the fast skate conditions we often have at the California XC ski centers. Combined with the NIS binding system for optimal energy transfer, this ski is extremely fast, without the premium price of the very top-end skis. Added features are a lightweight Honeycomb core, Rossi's Active Cap construction, carbon "Extended Edge" technology, patented double groove and Racing Cobra sidecut. This ski comes in at a great point and superb value at just over $400. It shares the proven side cut of the X-IUM ski and now features new slightly shorter sizes. New graphics for 2014-2015.  Dimensions: 40/44/43/43  Lengths: 173/180/186/192 cm.  Weight: 1140 grams
Fischer  Inspire My Style Women's Waxless NIS Ski
$182.00 $260.00 30% Savings
The Inspire My Style uses the popular Orbiter to give women a great lightweight ski, whether you're gliding along the tracks or the cruising through the meadows.Even though it's built "shorter" than traditional track skis, we've found that the glide of the Inspire is exemplary, and it's even easier to maneuver. With its multi-shape sidecut you have a ski that glides at a good speed, but has control and turns! Core construction is Fischer's lightweight Basalite Air Core with Fischer's new Power Layer construction. With its sintered base, high-tech Vario Crown waxless pattern and easy size fitting, this is a ski that will certainly sell out again. NIS Plate for easy assembly and adjustment.
  • Photo shows skis with bindings; however, bindings are sold separately
Atomic Vantage X 77 Women's Ski With E Lithium 10 Bindings
$349.99 $499.99 30% Savings
A slightly more forgiving option for the intermediate lady shredder, the Atomic Vantage X 77 C W Skis + Lithium 10 Bindings offer a lightweight and sporty ride, without sacrificing performance. Featuring a layer of super rigid Carbon Tank Mesh for strength and power, plus an Exo Profile that cuts weight by 20%, the Atomic Vantage X 77 C W Skis are as happy playing in the side piste as they are arcing aggressive turns on the hardpack. The Atomic Vantage X 77 C W Skis + Lithium 10 Bindings are the lightweight, all mountain skis you've been waiting for. Underfoot Width: 77mm Sidecut: 120-77-100mm Turning Radius: 14.1 meters Included Binding: Lithium 10 Bindings
Salomon 2014/15 Pure White + L10 W B80
Get an added boost of confidence exactly where you need it with the light weight, predictability and forgiveness of the pure white. Active dampening system (Powerline), integrated into the ski reduces vibrations at speed or on bumpy terrain. Allows more skiing with less fatigue. Mounting position adapted to Women's biomechanics, provides assistance for beginners while giving precision to experts.
Atomic 2014/2015 REDSTER CLASSIC med
$245.00 $350.00 30% Savings
The ski's core features a Nomex powercell, which makes the ski livelier and even more lightweight. In combination with the Redster profile it delivers an explosive kick and longer glide phases, maximized by the Redster Sidecut. SEGMENT: CLASSIC GENDER: UNISEX STYLE: RACE LENGTH: 191, 196, 201, 206 SIDECUT (MM): 44,5-42-44 PROFILE: RACE PROFILE WAXING SYSTEM: WAXABLE CORE CONSTRUCTION: POWERCELL STIFFNESS/VERSION: MED, HARD RACE PROFILE BASE BI 4000 POWERCELL Base Index 4000 RACE PROFILE POWERCELL Core
Atomic 2014/2015 SPORT SKINTEC
$315.00 $450.00 30% Savings
It features Atomic's unique Skintec waxless technology that cuts prep time dramatically as you don’t need to wax, while you still get the feel of a perfectly waxed ski in all conditions. On top of that, the SDS construction brings Redster technology to Atomic's Sport range – maximum traction when you need it in the kick, minimum resistance in the glide. All ideal for regular workouts all winter through. SEGMENT: CLASSIC GENDER: UNISEX STYLE: SPORT LENGTH: 176, 184, 192, 200, 208 SIDECUT (MM): 43-44-43 PROFILE: SKINTEC PROFILE S WAXING SYSTEM: NOWAX SYSTEM CORE CONSTRUCTION: STEP DOWN SIDEWALL GRIP: SKINTEC SKIN SKINTEC PROFILE S BASE BI 4000 STEP DOWN SIDEWALL Base Index 4000 SKINTEC PROFILE S STEP DOWN SIDEWALL Core
Salomon Lux 92
$349.99 $499.99 30% Savings
All-Mountain Performance With The Inspiration To Explore New Terrain.
Rossignol Experience 77 + Xpress 11 Bindings
$384.99 $549.99 30% Savings
Description text
Rossignol Temptation 75
$279.99 $399.99 30% Savings
Rossignol Temptation 75 XPRESS/XPRESS 10W
$279.99 $399.99 30% Savings
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