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Rossignol 2014/15 AllTrack 90
The new Alltrack 90 introduces a revolutionary fusion of on-trail precision, freeride versatility and a forgiving 102mm fit for intermediate skiers. New Sensor Grid shell technology and OptiSensor 3D liners enhance forefoot wrapping for increased energy transmission, comfort and support. Grip soles provide increased traction and durability. Featuring a new ski-hike mode with Posi-Block technology, Alltrack redefines "all-mountain" boots, delivering maximum hiking range-of-motion and unprecedented downhill performance.
Salomon 2011/2012 Idol 85 CS - Women's
$150.00 $499.99 70% Savings
High performance all-mountain boot for women who refuse to sacrifice performance or comfort. Women's specific fit, cuff, and liner, and more custom shell material than before. Flex Index: 85.
Salomon 2011/2012 Instinct 90 CS - Women's
$150.00 $499.99 70% Savings
Instinct is a very high performance boot with specific cuff and liner for expert women skiers looking for exceptional sensitivity and precise power transmission. Flex Index: 90.
Salomon 2011/2012 SPK
$120.00 $399.99 70% Savings
An evolution of the boot that started it all, SPK is the choice for dedicated freestylers at every level. Flex Index: 90
Salomon 2014/2015 DIVINE 55 WHT/CRY TRANS
$119.99 $199.99 40% Savings
Designed for warmth and comfort, Divine delivers forgiving performance and a women's fit Weight 3550 (24.5) Flex Index 55 Strap 25 Last 104
Salomon Quest Access 70 W Womens Ski Boots 2016
$179.99 $299.99 40% Savings
The Quest Access 70 W from Salomon is a great boot for the beginner to intermediate skier that has a medium to wide forefoot, and medium to wide shaft of the leg. The Ratchet Cuff Buckle can be expanded out very wide to accommodate the largest of calf muscles. The Quest Access Line has Salomon's 24mm Oversized Pivot that directs energy right to the edges of your skis. The Women's Specific Low Cuff and Heel Support are tailored towards the shorter leg shape and narrower heel of women to improve comfort and support. The Liner of the Quest Access 70 has Woolmetal Insulation that has a blend of Wool and Metallic Polyester for extra warmth and insulation. Salomon's Ride & Hike Technology has a lever on the back spine of the boot that when it is unlocked enables you to walk very easily. If you have been looking for a boot that fits a medium to wide foot and medium to wide leg shape that will be supportive enough for the solid intermediate, but forgiving enough for the beginner you should slide your foot into a Salomon Quest Access 70 W, and you will wonder why it took you so long to get a new pair of ski boots.
  • Best Fits a Medium to Wide Forefoot, and Medium to Wide Shaft of the Leg
  • Ratchet Cuff Buckle
  • Woolmetal Insulation
  • Ride & Hike Technology
  • Women Specific Low Cuff
  • Women Heel Support
  • Women Specific Liner
  • 24mm Oversized Pivot
Salomon Quest Access Custom Heat Womens Ski Boots
$299.99 $499.99 40% Savings
The Salomon Quest Access Custom Heat Ski Boots are a comfort lasted 104 mm boot with a new twist - a built in heating system in the liner that warms your feet for up to 18 hours. A wider boot with a medium flex, the Access Custom Heat Ski Boots are designed for wider and higher volume feet, or people who normally have problems keeping warm.
Salomon Quest Heat
Guaranteed Warmth And Comfort In Any Condition For All Mountain Skiers - Weight: 3580G - Flex Index: 80 - Strap: 50Mm Light - Last: 104
Salomon Quest Pro 100  Ski Boots
For Freeride Excel in all playgrounds With both liner and shell personalization options, QST Pro 100 fits, skis, and walks better than any boot in its class thanks to the revolutionary Endofit tongue design WEIGHT: 3320g Flex Index: 100 Strap: 35MM Last: 100/106
Salomon X Pro 100
TWINFRAME technology with Oversize Pivot delivers superior energy transmission, a 360° Custom Shell with 3D liner mean the ultimate in personalized fit and foot hold for all mountain skiers - WEIGHT: 4150g - Flex Index: 100 - Strap: 35MM - Last: 100/106
Rossignol 2012/2013 Electra Pro SI 110 - Women's
$150.00 $499.99 70% Savings
The award-winning Electra Pro 110 is a powerful, high-performance women's all-mountain boot with an exact, race-inspired fit for hard-charging experts. The Sensor Inside shell blends World Cup performance with Sensor Fit Technology and a 97mm "narrow" fit. The more accommodating forefoot and instep area combine with a strong heel cup, asymmetrical toe box and more articulate ankle area for increased comfort, circulation and warmth. Ultra-Grip soles deliver increased traction and durability. Flex Index: 110
Rossignol Kelia 50 Women's Ski Boots
You've finally decided to get you're own setup; those sloppy rentals just aren't cutting it anymore. Drop in on the Rossignol Kelia 50 Ski Boots, and get the comfy, sneaker-esque fit you need to take your skiing to new levels. This easy flexing boot offers the fluid skiing experience you need to enjoy skiing and progress beyond the groomers this season. Flex Index: 50 Forefoot Width: 104mm
Rossignol Kelia 50 Womens Ski Boots 2016
The Rossignol Kelia 50 is a great boot for the true beginner skier who has a medium to wide forefoot and medium to wide shaft of the leg. The 104 mm last is the widest that Rossignol offers to keep your feet secured for a day out on the mountain. This three buckle design is very easy for you to slide your foot in and out of. A Machined PU liner is soft and cushy to keep your feet comfortable and warm all day.
  • Machined PU Liner
  • Best fits a Medium to Wide Forefoot and Medium to Wide Leg Shape
Dalbello Aerro 65 Ski Boots
$180.00 $300.00 40% Savings
The Dalbello Aerro 65 is a perfect ski boot for the beginner to mellow intermediate skier who has a medium to wide forefoot, and medium to wide foot shape. The Aerro 65 has a Bi-Injected Easy Entry Overlap that has a softer plastic molded over the instep of the boot that allows your foot to enter and exit the boot very easily. The flex rating of 65 makes the Aerro 65 soft and easy enough for the true beginner to flex, but will still be firm and supportive enough for the intermediate. Dalbello's Supercomfort liner is plush and soft with solid insulating properties to keep you warmer on the slopes. The 104mm last is accommodating for keeping wider feet comfortable, and still having a supportive feeling. If you are looking for a soft ski boot with a wide fit for the beginner to mellow intermediate, the Dalbello Aerro 65 is a great choice. Flex Index: 65 Forefoot Width: 104mm
Dalbello Aspire 65 Womens Ski Boots 2016
$119.99 $199.99 40% Savings
The Dalbello Aspire 65 is a great ski boot for the beginner to mellow intermediate skier looking for comfort in a medium to wide fit in both the forefoot and leg. The 104mm last fits the wide feet comfortably, while still maintaining a supportive feel. Dalbello uses a Bi-Injection Easy Entry Overlap across the instep of the Aspire that allow you to slide your foot into and out of very easily. The Aspire 65 has a soft flex that will allow a beginner to progress, but will still be supportive for the intermediate. A Low Contour Geometry Cuff is shorter and wider to accommodate the shorter fuller leg shape of women very comfortably. If you are a beginner or mellow intermediate skier looking for a wider fitting shell the Dalbello Aspire 65 makes a great option.
  • Low Contour Geometry Cuff
  • Bi-Injection Easy Overlap
  • Best Fits a Medium to Wide Forefoot and Medium to Wide Leg Shape
Dalbello Avanti 100
$239.99 $399.99 40% Savings
The Avanti If 100 Is For Top Level Skiers Who Seek High Performance In A Boot With More Generous Foot Volume Than Traditional Race Level Boots Offer. With A 100 Flex And 100 Mm Fit Last, Large, Strong And Aggressive Skiers Should Take Note. The Avanti 100 Utilizes A 3D Power Frame Architecture For Improved Handling And Power Transfer. The Avanti 100 Also Comes Equipped With Custom Heat Moldable If Sport Innerboots That Are Super Lightweight, Warm And Precise Specifications • Contour Four Technology Anatomic Foot Mapping • If Db Multidensity Eva • Pre-Shaped 3D Toe Box • 40 % Customizable-Reversable Process • Warmer And Lighter • Heat System Ready • Truefit Performance Insole
Dalbello Avanti 100  Ski Boots
The Avanti 90 from Dalbello is a fantastic option for the intermediate to advanced skier who has a medium to narrow foot and leg shape. An Anti-Torsion Frame uses a stronger plastic on the sole of the boot to reduce torsional twisting, and increase the responsiveness at faster speeds. The Center Balanced Stance is more upright in the cuff that makes skiing on modern rockered skis more efficient. Dalbello's Contour 4 Shell has expanded the shell in the navicular, ankle, heel, and 5th metatarsal for a comfortable and bio-mechanically stronger fit. The Avanti 90's Easy On/Off Construction is a favorite for any skier who loves just sliding off their boots after a long day on the slopes. Flex Index: 100 Forefoot Width: 100mm
Dalbello Avanti 100 Ski Boots 2016
$199.99 $399.99 50% Savings
The Dalbello Avanti 100 IF is a great ski boot for strong intermediate to expert skiers that have a medium to narrow foot shape, and medium to narrow leg shape. The Avanti 100 has the new Instant Fit Liner that can be fully customized for your foot after four minutes in a special oven, and five minutes on your foot. The Easy Entry Overlap has softer plastic across the top of the foot that makes the Avanti 100 easy to enter in the morning, and easy to exit after a long day a shredding. Dalbello's Contour 4 Shell has the four most problematic areas for a bootfitter to stretch out pre-punched for a comfortable and performance oriented fit. Having extra room in the metatarsals, navicular, heel, and ankle pockets will allow your small muscles in your foot work efficiently, and reduce the fatigue in major muscles like your quads. The Avanti's Anti-Torsion Frame reduces twisting of the shell of the boot, and will make your skis more responsive when you are skiing fast. Dura Grip Toes and Heels provide you with good traction if you are walking on slippery surfaces. If you are a strong intermediate to expert skier with a medium to narrow forefoot, and wants a boot that will boost your performance, find out what a great value the Dalbello Avanti 100 IF is.
Dalbello Kr Fusion  Ski Boots
$450.00 $750.00 40% Savings
The Dalbello KR Fusion Ski Boots are made for aggressive all-mountain skiers on the hunt for a stiff, powerful flex that can be largely controlled via the boot's top buckle thanks to the coveted 3-piece Cabrio design. Engineered to better accommodate the rockered skis of modern day, the Fusion features Dalbello s center-balanced "Rocker" stance for more balanced and dynamic natural positioning. Turn the entire mountain into your playground: link laps through the park, air out on those chairline hits, and navigate mogul fields at stoopid speed with the responsive performance of the Dalbello KR Fusion Ski Boots. Flex Index: 120 Forefoot Width: 98mm
Dalbello Panterra 100  Ski Boots
Don't be the guy who has to 'take 5' every other run because his way-too-narrow boots are killing him. Get the Dalbello Panterra 100 Ski Boots! With a wider 102 mm forefoot last that can be cranked down to 100 mm for a boost in responsiveness, the Panterra 100s open up the entirety of the resort, lending you fresh confidence and all-around comfort. It's time to retire those foot-binders disguised as ski boots and experience the customizable comfort and all-mountain capability of the Dalbello Panterra 100 Ski Boots. Flex Index: 100 Forefoot Width: 102/100mm
Atomic 2014/2015 HAWX 2.0 90 W BLU/BLK
$120.00 $399.99 70% Savings
With its medium flex, the brand-new Atomic Hawx 2.0 90 W is ideal for advanced female skiers. They’ve kept the legendary Hawx medium fit and the cuff height and liner construction tailored specifically to suit women’s feet. And they’ve integrated unique Memory Fit so you can completely personalize your shell, cuff and liner in minutes. But now Atomic has also added 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation to keep your feet warm and responsive even in extremely cold and damp conditions. Revolutionary Sole Flex technology on the sole of the boot enhances your balance, underfoot feel and control. With the option of WTR Grip Pads for easy walking, this custom ski boot is all about maximizing your comfort and performance on the mountain. SEGMENT: ALL MOUNTAIN GENDER: WOMEN CONCEPT: HAWX TECHNOLOGY: MEMORY FIT LINER: Silver Liner with Thinsulate SIZE RANGE: 22.5 + 23.5 - 26.5 + 27.5 COLOR: TRANSPARENT LIGHT BLUE / BLACK 35MM STRAP EDGE 7000 BUCKLE STANDARD DIN 2K GRIP PADS MEMORY FIT
Atomic Hawx Ultra 80 W Women's Ski Boots
$179.99 $299.99 40% Savings
For all-mountain performance in a softer flex, search no further than the Atomic Hawx Ultra 80 W Ski Boots. With a 98mm last for narrower feet plus a Memory Fit 3D liner, you'll get the perfect fit plus all-day comfort. The Atomic Hawx Ultra 80 W Ski Boots also feature Atomic s revolutionary lightweight Progressive Shell and an Energy Backbone for added stability and power, making them the ideal match for the intermediate lady shredder looking to progress. Flex Index: 80 Forefoot Width: 98mm
Atomic Live Fit 100
The Atomic Live Fit 100 is a great all-mountain ski boot for anyone needing a wider fit. The Atomic Live Fit 100 is a great all-mountain ski boot for anyone needing a wider fit. What makes it special is that the moment you put it on it will instantly and automatically fit to your foot, then continuously adapt as time goes on to keep your feet comfortable and your blood flowing freely. It’s thanks to two features: our unique Live Fit zones that instantly adjust to the width of your foot and the Dynashape foam in the liner. It features a Silver liner with 3M Thinsulate Insulation to keep your foot warm and responsive in all conditions. The two oversize buckles make the boot easier to put on and take off, while performance and foot-hold remain exceptional. Plus it’s WTR compatible. WEIGHT 2135 G / 26.5
Atomic Live Fit 80
Like all our Live Fit ski boot range, the clever thing about our Atomic Live Fit 80 is that it guarantees a perfect fit the moment you put it on. It’s thanks to Live Fit zones around the forefoot that instantly adapt to the width of your foot for enhanced comfort and blood flow. The two oversize buckles make the boot light and easy to put on and take off, while performance and foot-hold remain exceptional. It’s also WTR compatible for easier walking. A super comfortable Bronze liner and soft flex makes the Live Fit 80 the ideal ski boot for newcomers and intermediate skiers looking for a wider fit. WEIGHT 1868 G / 26.5
Atomic Live Fit 90 W Women's Ski Boots
For years women with higher volume and wider feet had to suffer at the hands of boot manufacturers who only built wider boots in beginner flexes. No longer. The Atomic Live Fit 90 Ski Boots let you stop thinking about how much your feet hurt and concentrate on the joy of skiing with their super adaptive 102 mm last that expands at the sides of the shell to fit up to a 106 mm foot. Atomic keeps it light and simple with a re-designed 2 buckle design and toasty 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulated liner so you can be happy on the hill all day long. Flex Index: 90 Forefoot Width: 102-106mm
Atomic Waymaker Carbon 100 Ski Boots 2016
$249.99 $499.99 50% Savings
Looking for a medium-flexing, all mountain boot that'll let you take advantage of all the best skiing has to offer? The Atomic Waymaker Carbon 100 Ski Boots are right up your alley. With a wider and higher volume fit that's perfect for "bigfoot" types, the Waymaker Carbon 100 is light enough for a day of touring, powerful enough to crush the groomers all day with the family, and comfortable enough to wear to the club at night.
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