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Waxing Tools

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Swix  Pencil Groove Scraper
$3.49 $4.99 30% Savings
A simple, but necessary tool for removing the wax out of your skis' groove.
Swix  Cork Natural with Felt
$4.89 $6.99 30% Savings
Natural cork with felt, great for applying Cera F and buffing.
Swix  Cork Synthetic
$4.19 $5.99 30% Savings
Synthetic cork for hard wax (and powders)
Swix  Economy Waxing Iron
$41.99 $59.99 30% Savings
Economy wax iron for all disciplines. Ergonomic handle and temperature adjustment wheel. Thick metal plate ensures a stable heating of the base.
Swix  Fiberlene Towel 20m
$6.29 $8.99 30% Savings
Fiberlene for efficient cleaning. Small 20m
Swix  Fluor Base Cleaner Aero Spray 70 ml
$10.49 $14.99 30% Savings
Cleaner for Fluor Glider & Conditioner for Racing Skis! • Involves no hard mechanical treatment of the base. • No wearing of the stone grind pattern in the ski base. • Makes the ski faster! Cleaner for fluoro glide wax and CH wax. Improves glide and conditions the base. For glide sections only on all racing skis and snowboards.
Swix  Steel Scraper
$6.99 $9.99 30% Savings
Strong steel scraper for ski prep.
Swix  XC Pro Ski Sleeves
$4.19 $5.99 30% Savings
Keep your skate and classic skis together like a pro, and protect your precious bases with these slip-on ski sleeves.
Swix  XC Ski Straps - Nordic
$3.49 $4.99 30% Savings
Handy XC ski straps to keep them together and protect your bases.
Swix  XC Waxing Profile Aluminum
Lightweight aluminum. Front and back parts are adjustable. Fixation in binding. Takes skis from 150cm to 210cm. Fits to T0079-1 legs. Wt 6.6 lbs. Great for travel. The legs fit into the profile.
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