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Volkl Rtm Jr. With 3motion Jr. 7.0 Bindings
Just like their adult namesake, the Völkl RTM Jr Skis + 3Motion Jr 7.0 Bindings are meant to encourage clean and stylish turns on groomed snow -- perfect for young skiers progressing the learning curve. Sporting a lightweight composite core and a durable Power Shell construction, the RTM Jr is easy to bend into a turn and forgiving when it comes time to release the edge. Ride the Mountain, Junior! Underfoot Width: Sidecut: Turning Radius: Included Binding: 3-Motion Jr. 7.0 Bindings
Volkl Volkl Kendo Skis 2016
The Volkl Kendo returns this season as a powerhouse of a ski with a new wider waist and new rocker profile. The new 90mm waist will improve your off trail and crud busting ability as you tear down the mountain. Now rocker in the tail improves the maneuverability by releasing you out of a turn with less effort and increases your ability to smear turns in softer snow. Rocker in the tip will ease your turn initiation, and absorb negative vibrations caused by bumps and crud. Camber underfoot will deliver a firm grip on the hard snow, and a powerful rebound. A layer of Titanium still provides the Kendo with a damp and powerful feeling for the strong intermediate to expert skier. Volkl's Power/Tough Box Construction has vertical sidewalls for a torsionally rigid ski that will dig trenches in the snow as soon as you lay the skis on edge. The Kendo also sports Volkl's Multi-Layer Wood Core that has a Poplar Wood on the tips and tail for a rounded and supple flex, with Ash underneath the mounting platform to add rigidity to the mid body and reduce the chances of pulling out binding screws. If you always wanted to get your boots clicked into a Volkl Kendo, but heard it was a tank, the new Kendo is more maneuverable than ever before.
  • Powered By Titanium
  • Power/Tough Box Construction
  • Power Construction
  • Same Great Ski, New Rocker Profile with a Wider Waist
Volkl Volkl Mantra Skis 2016
The Volkl Mantra remains the standard as an all mountain ski for on trail/off trail ski for aggressive skiers looking for versatility. The 100mm waist has the ability to lay down medium to long radius turns on groomers, float in powder, and power through any type of snow condition that you may encounter anywhere on the mountain. Volkl's Multi-Layer Wood Core has a Poplar Wood on the tip and tail with a firmer Ash Wood underneath the binding mounting platform. The Poplar has an even and rounded flex, while the Ash is denser to reduce the chances of pulling out binding screws. The Mantra also has a layer of Titanium of top of the wood core that increases the amount of horsepower and stability that aggressive chargers love. The Full Rocker Profile improves the maneuverability, soft snow skiing ability, and gives you full edge contact while the ski is locked into a carve. Volkl's Power Construction is the same used in all of their race skis to deliver power, energy and stability with every turn. If you want to find out what the buzz has been for the past several years about this top selling ski, get your Volkl Mantra today.
  • Powered By Titanium
  • Multi-Layer Wood Core
  • Power Construction
  • Full Rocker
Volkl Wall Jr. With M7.0 Jr. Fastrak Ii Bindings
The Volkl Wall Jr Skis + M7.0 Fastrak II Bindings are the ideal solution for the aggressive young skier who can't seem to choose between the park and the rest of the mountain -- and excels at both. This directional twin shape is built with Völkl's usual attention to quality and detail with a Full Sensor Woodcore and Power Shell cap construction for durability at the tips and tails. Underfoot Width: 74mm Sidecut: 106-74-99mm Turning Radius: 15.3 meters Included Binding: M7.0 Jr. Fastrak Ii Bindings
Volkl Yumi Women's Skis
Völkl's narrowest freeride women's model at 83 mm in the waist, the Völkl Yumi Skis are exceptionally lightweight and maneuverable without giving up stability or edge-hold. The perfect ski for women who stay mainly on the front side of the mountain, the Yumi is impressive in bumps and tight trees, and a great choice on any kind of groomed snow. Underfoot Width: 83 Sidecut: 125-83-108mm Turning Radius: 17.1 meters Included Binding: n/a
Salomon 2011/2012 Shogun
Your everyday fat ski. Super versatile 100mm waist ski that combines floatation with stability and playfulness. Sidecut in Size 182 Tip Width: 130 Waist Width: 101 Tail Width: 120 Turning Radius: 25.9
Salomon 2014/15 Bamboo + Z10 Ti W B90
Lively, strong all-mountain ski for women. Bamboo is a reliable and playful performance ski, designed to explore the whole mountain with a bit more pop.
Salomon 2014/15 Pure White + L10 W B80
Get an added boost of confidence exactly where you need it with the light weight, predictability and forgiveness of the pure white. Active dampening system (Powerline), integrated into the ski reduces vibrations at speed or on bumpy terrain. Allows more skiing with less fatigue. Mounting position adapted to Women's biomechanics, provides assistance for beginners while giving precision to experts.
Salomon Astra Womens Skis with E Lithium 10 W Bindings 2016
The new Salomon Astra is a great ski for the intermediate to advanced skier looking for a lightweight ski that likes to make short to medium radius turns on the groomers. A layer of Basalt sits above the Full Wood Core that increases the stability for skiing faster or powering through variable snow conditions. The 78mm waist is very quick edge to edge, and will improve your skiing through less than desirable snow conditions. The Astra is made with a Semi-Sandwich Construction that has a Monocoque Cap Construction in the tips and tails that improves the maneuverability and forgiveness, with a vertical sidewall underneath the binding that improves the edge grip on firm snow. Salomon's Comfortech Technology absorbs vibrations before they reach for feet for smoother, more comfortable skiing. The Control Frame Construction has a unique 3D Shape with specific grip zones that improve your edge hold for better carving. The Carve Rocker of the Astra has a small amount of tip rocker that will allow you to initiate turns faster than ever before, while the traditional camber underfoot will provide you with additional stability and rebound. If you want a ski that will be easy to turn, lightweight and stable, the Salomon Astra is a great ski for you.

  • Basalt Layer
  • Comfortech
  • Semi-Sandwich Construction
  • Carve Rocker
  • Wood Core
  • Control Frame
  • Rossignol  Unique Womens Skis with Xelium Saphir 100 Bindings 2016
    The Rossignol Unique is a great ski for the true beginner, or the young lady who is ready for her first set of adult skis. The RossiTop Cap Construction is very lightweight, forgiving and does not require very much technique, skill, or power to make the ski react when and how it should. A Composite Core of the Unique keeps the weight down to a minimum and the forgiveness to a maximum. Rossignol's Easy Drive Sidecut allows you to steer the ski to where you want to go without any resistance, or having to work too hard. The Unique has Power Turn Rocker that has a small amount of Tip Rocker that will initiate turns quickly, and the Camber underfoot will give you grip on the snow. If you are looking for a forgiving ski for the true beginner that is uniquely for you, the Rossignol Unique is the one to have.
    • Power Turn Rocker
    • Easy Drive Sidecut
    • RossiTop Cap Construction
    Rossignol Rossignol Sky 7 HD with NX 12 Konect Dual WTR Bindings
    Built on the original all-mountain dominating Sin 7 chassis but with the addition of Rossi's next gen Carbon Alloy Matrix, the Sky 7 HD will take your riding from standard to high definition in the blink of an eye. Incorporating an air-filled tip and tail for concentrated power and reduced swing weight, along with a vibration dampening, powerful carbon basalt weave, the Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis are easy-going all-mountain freeride skis that aren't afraid to turn it up to 11 when the getting is good. Underfoot Width: 98mm Sidecut: 128-98-118mm Turning Radius: 17.0 meters Included Binding: NX 12 Konect Dual WTR Bindings
    Rossignol Sassy 7 Women's Skis With Xpress 11 Women's Bindings
    For up and coming freeriders to accomplished all mountain skiers looking for a no-nonsense setup that handles variable conditions with ease, look no further than the Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis + Look Xpress W 11 Bindings. Powder Turn Rocker makes the Sassy 7's incredibly maneuverable and easy to handle, while the beefy Duracap construction and solid wood core ensure stability and shock absorption when you speed things up. And with a 90 mm waist, you can rest assured that the Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis + Look Xpress W 11 Bindings will handle just about any type of snow you throw at them. Underfoot Width: 90mm Sidecut: 118-90-108mm Turning Radius: 19.0 meters Included Binding: Xpress 11 Bindings
    Rossignol Soul 7 HD
    The All-New Soul 7 Hd – The Most Heavily Demanded, Acclaimed, And Versatile Ski In Freeride – Now Amplified With Rossignol'S Carbon Alloy Matrix. With Noticeably More Edge Grip, Stability, Dampness, And Drive, The New Soul 7 Hd Provides The Same Instinctive Versatility And Ease-Of-Use To Push Your Boundaries With Confidence, While Delivering Groundbreaking, High-Definition Energy, Mobility, And Strength Due To Our New, Unique Carbon And Basalt Weave. Combined With Our Patented Air Tip Technology; Powder Turn Rocker Profile; Lightweight Paulownia Wood Core Construction; And 106Mm Waist Width, The New Soul 7 Hd Is The Ultimate Fusion Of Lightweight Backcountry Innovation And Uncompromising Freeride Performance. No Matter Where The Snow Takes You, Whether Resort-Based Or Backcountry Bound – The Future Of Freeride Is Here. 80% Powder / 20% All-Mountain Rec. Binding: Look Spx 12 Dual Wtr B120 - See More At: Http://Www.Rossignol.Com/Us/Us/Soul-7-Hd--2016--Rafqi01--Product--Home-Alpine.Html?B=42033#Sthash.Tjh8Kmby.Dpuf Specs Reference Rafqi01 Size Available 164, 172, 180, 188 Main Size 180 Weight 3,8 Kg/Paire Sidecut 136 - 106 - 126 Mm Tip Dimension 136 Waist Dimension 106 Tail Dimension 126 Ski Radius 17 M Profile Rocker Height Powder Turn Rocker Structure Sandwich Minicap Material Core Paulownia Wood Construction Reinforcements Carbon Alloy Matrix Construction Other Free Vas Bindings System Open - See More At: Http://Www.Rossignol.Com/Us/Us/Soul-7-Hd--2016--Rafqi01--Product--Home-Alpine.Html?B=42033#Sthash.Tjh8Kmby.Dpuf
    Rossignol Temptation 75 Women's Skis With Xpress 10 Women's Bindings
    Make rentals a thing of the past thanks to the Rossignol Temptation 75 Skis + Look Xpress W 10 Bindings. Built for progressing beginners to intermediates, the Temptation 75s combine an Air Tip for reduced swing weight with an extended sidecut profile, which makes turn initiation a breeze at any speed. Jump into skiing right this year with the Rossignol Temptation 75 Skis + Look Xpress W 10 Bindings. Underfoot Width: 75mm Sidecut: 122-75-111mm Turning Radius: 14.0 meters Included Binding: Xpress 10 Bindings
    Atomic Affinity Air Womens Skis with Lithium 10 Bindings 2016
    With a 74mm waist, the Atomic Affinity Air is a little slimmer than the rest of the Affinity ski range, making it even more agile on the piste. Lightweight and with sleek good looks, it’s tailored specifically to complement the way women ski, with a V-shape construction that makes turning, edging and drifting on groomers almost effortless. While a wide tip combined with an All Mountain Rocker in the tip gives you all the lift you need to hit some softer snow. Designed to look after you, this is the perfect ski for newcomers and intermediate skiers.

  • Densolite Core
  • Full Cap Construction
  • All Mountain Rocker
  • V-Shape
  • Atomic Cloud Seven Womens Skis with Lithium 10 Bindings
    Every element of the Atomic Cloud Seven has been designed to suit the way women ski, and it’s absolutely ideal for beginners and intermediates. It has a lightweight V-shape body for easy turning and drifting, plus Bend-X Technology – special flex zone in the binding area that helps you bend your skis with less power, making it easier even for lighter skiers to initiate turns. Add to that a Piste Rocker and Full Cap and you’ve got a nimble, lightweight ski that’s stable and easy to control on the groomers. All finished with an elegant white and sleek black design – so it looks as good as it skis.
    Atomic Vantage 85 Skis
    If you want performance on the piste, you’ll love the new Atomic Vantage 85 ski. It’s an easy-to-handle option that works all over the whole mountain, including in powder. But it now features a more directional shape and less tail turn up compared to the 14/15 series for increased piste performance. It’s the successor to the popular Vantage Panic and part of our new lighter, stronger Vantage series. It’s the first ski to feature the Firewall, an extra full sidewall for awesome power transmission and edge grip on hard pack. The Light Woodcore made from poplar makes it incredibly strong but really light, and its 85mm waist width and All Mountain Rocker in tip and tail make it seriously versatile.
    Atomic Vantage 90 CTI Skis
    The new Atomic Vantage 90 CTI grips like a high-performance piste ski. But with its All Mountain Rocker it still delivers killer performance across the mountain. It’s one of the top models in our re-engineered Vantage series – our lightest, strongest progressive All Mountain series ever. It features Carbon Tank Mesh, a new layer of super rigid, woven mesh that adds strength across the ski while actually reducing weight. That’s on top of a Titanium Backbone 2.0 that runs the length of the ski. It’s the first ski to feature the Firewall, an extra full sidewall for awesome power transmission and edge grip on hard pack. It also comes with a Power Woodcore, more directional shape and less tail turn up compared to the 14/15 series, which is all about increased piste performance.
    Atomic Vantage 95 C Skis
    The new Atomic Vantage 95 C ski is the successor to the best-selling Vantage Theory. Perfectly balanced for hard pack and soft snow, this is a ski to take skiers anywhere, any time. With a 95mm waist width it’s the second widest model in our re-engineered Vantage series – our lightest, strongest progressive All Mountain series ever. It features Carbon Tank Mesh, a new layer of super rigid, woven mesh that adds strength across the ski while actually reducing weight. It’s also the first ski to feature the Firewall, an extra full sidewall for awesome power transmission and edge grip on hard pack. Add in a Light Woodcore and All Mountain Rocker in tip and tail and you’ve got one seriously versatile one-quiver ski.
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