Gorham Bike and Ski: Your TOP 100 Bike Shop

Gorham Bike and Ski is very proud to have been named an industry Top 100 Retailer for a second time out of more than 5000 independent bike dealers across the United States.

The Top 100 Retailers are selected because they excel in three area:

  1. Market Share
  2. Community Outreach
  3. Store Appearance

Our success has been based on hard work, persistence, acting on good business practices and serving up the complete package as a full-service family, commuter, and race bike shop.

How the Voting Is Done

For the past several years Boulder Sports Research, Inc., a research firm dedicated to gaining insights into the cycling, outdoor and fitness markets, located in Boulder, Colorado, has been conducting research to determine who, out of the 5200 nationwide, the best specialty bicycle retailers are in the United States.

In order to determine the Top 100 retailers, Boulder Sports Research has employed the opinions of the local sales representatives who know and visit the retailers on a regular basis. These industry representatives are the most aware of what their customers are doing in their markets. Six leading bicycle suppliers and six leading accessory suppliers with sales reps are also used.

The sales reps are invited to a special link on Boulder Sports Research’s website (www.bicycleresearch.com) where they vote. Only the reps that identify themselves properly have their votes counted. Each representative votes for the top three retailers in their territory in market share, store appearance and community outreach.