Max Heart Hate

I am a 35yr old masters rider and I have just gotten a heart rate monitor, and I need to get my max heart rate! What's the best test to do this?

R. Brennan

Dave Palese replies:

There are a couple of ways to "estimate" your max heart rate, or max 'working' heart rate.

One way is to just record the highest heart rate you see in a crit or hard group ride. This is usually pretty close. You can give yourself 2 percent on top of that too.

Or, you can do a MWHR test on the trainer. It is a 2 minute and 30 second effort that starts out at a good pace and builds for the first two minutes to a near maximum effort. Then you sprint for the final 30 seconds. For more experienced riders I give them 1 percent on top of the highest heart rate they see, 2 percent for less experienced riders.

Just remember, these are just estimations of your max working heart rate.