Increasing Duration

I am a recreational/commuter road rider, male, 27 years old, 5ft 9in at 68kg. I was riding 150km per week last year and have increased it to 300km per week. I want to know, assuming I can keep up the 300km/week, at what rate should I increase the distances I am riding to build up better endurance; 10 percent, 20 percent, 50 percent more each week? I hope to start competing by the end of this year. Also what is the best way to do this - increase the distance I ride to and from work every day and my weekend rides or just go for a lot longer rides on the weekend?

I also know other people who are starting out in cycling and would like to advise them on at what rate they should be able to increase distances without getting burnt out.

J. Hall

Dave Palese replies:

How much a rider can increase his or her volume during a phase focused on endurance is a very personal issue. Every rider is different. Some can handle more then others.

As a starting point, during a three week build, I usually increase the length of a rider's longest ride by 15-30 minutes from week 1 to week 3.