Effect of Endurance Training

Could you please explain to me the difference between a person who has base mileage of 700-800km per week (approximately four rides of 150km+) as opposed to somebody who does about 200-300km per week (approximately one ride exceeding 100km). Does it really make a big physiological difference to do so much training? Can a person be limited by the amount of base mileage he has? Also, does having a good aerobic base, increase the time you can ride at or above lactate threshold and does it increase your power at lactate threshold?

K. Kalis

Dave Palese replies:

Training volume is dictated by a rider's target events and that rider's level of competition.

Can a person be limited by the amount of base mileage he has? Sure. If that rider has designs on competing in events where endurance will be limiter, but they haven't dedicated enough time to that training, they may find that they are not properly prepared come race day. Also, even riders whose target events are shorter, like criteriums and short circuit races, should be sure to address endurance and base aerobic fitness in their plan. Doing so will help to increase the quality of their higher output training and efforts later.

As far as increasing the time you can spend above threshold... Base endurance training helps to build the needed systems and efficiencies that help increase anaerobic endurance. So log those LSD (Long Steady Distance) rides. You'll be happy you did.