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What People Are Saying About Our BG Fit Service

Here is a sampling of what our satisfied fit clients have to say. If you've had a BG Fit from us, and would like to let us know how it has changed your cycling experience, please follow this link and submit a testimonial.

"You will notice a difference and you won’t be disappointed!"

Submitted by: Stephanie W., Saco, ME
"I am an athlete of several sports who decided to pick up biking again after a long hiatus.  Before I went through the BG Fit process, I was miserable within 5 minutes of my ride; my derriere was in pain and my legs were on fire.  Was biking this torturous when I was in college?  Then I went through the process of getting fitted to my bike.  Dave Palese was friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable.  He measured and re-measured to make sure everything was in alignment and set me on my way.  For my first ride after my BG Fit I planned to ride 15 minutes and ended up riding for 40 minutes, training on gear sprints no less, and loved every minute of it!  I was amazed at how much minor fine tuning could change my performance AND my enjoyment of riding.  For anyone who rides a bike, whether a seasoned athlete, a newcomer, or a weekend rider, the BG Fit is definitely worth your time and money.  You will notice a difference and you won’t be disappointed!"

"I have been and will continue to tell everyone how necessary this is to their cycling experience! Thank you, Dave!"

Submitted by: Chess M., CUmberland Foreside, Maine
I just want to say that in the last few days I have been able to get outside off the trainer, on my road bike and my TT bike and I am thrilled. I have been riding for a number of years, and have owned 2 custom bikes. Last year I bought a production bike and I was a little worried, going from a custom bike to one out of the box. So, I knew the fit for that bike was necessary. However, the changes Dave made were unexpected! I was thinking I needed a shorter stem, and he gave me a longer one - and then set my seat back! The changes, along with the cleat adjustment have made a definite difference that is great!

On my TT bike I was a little more skeptical. I have worked for quite a time getting the proper fit, including getting a different bike from my original TT bike. I had a really good season last year and felt that I had the fit dialed in. So, letting Dave take over (although he marked all of my original settings) was really in my mind an exercise in discovering that I had a good fit already. HOWEVER, Dave got me a longer stem, lowered my handlebars, and raised my saddle (WOW).and adjusted my cleats. I rode that bike yesterday with a smile on my face as I felt the improvements to my fit, opening up the cockpit and making me feel more powerful, and not compromising ANY comfort. Again, I didn't expect any changes, but Dave made them, and they are GREAT!

I have been and will continue to tell everyone how necessary this is to their cycling experience! Thank you, Dave!


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